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Chakra endocrine glands

Gland                                   Secretion                                           Governing
Adrenal Cortex                          Epinephrine Actions                                       Survival
Ovaries                                       Testicles, Oestrogen/Testosterone              Development
Pancreas                                     Insulin                                                               Metabolism
Thymus                                      Lymphocytes                                                    Digestion
Thyroid                                       Thyroxine                                                          Immunity
Pituitary                                     Somatotrophin                                                 Growth
Pineal                                          Melatonin                                                         Body rhythm
Base/Root Chakra
At the top of the kidneys are the adrenal’s that produce several hormones including adrenaline, which stimulates the “fight or flight” response and ties directly to the Base Chakra’s survival drive.
This Chakra is related to the gonads in males.
The ovaries control sexual development and egg creation as well as controlling the levels of oestrogen and progesterone.
The potential for life in the ovaries is mirrored in the drives of the Sacral Chakra.
The energies of the ovaries link with the Sacral Chakra.
Stomach / Navel / Solar Plexus Chakra
The pancreas secretes substances for the digestion of food, such as insulin.
When this Chakra is over stimulated it can cause problems with excess blood sugar, the major cause of diabetes.
An under stimulated stomach Chakra can lead to ulcers.
Heart Chakra
The thymus is located above the heart and produces lymphocytes, which form a vital part of the body’s immune response.
This quality relates the thymus to the healing properties of the Heart Chakra.
The healing promoted by this Chakra links it to the thymus.
Throat Chakra
On either side of the larynx is the thyroid, producing thyroxine, which controls the rate at which the body converts food into useful energy.
This is the area over which the Throat Chakra has dominance.
The thyroid governs the rate of metabolism in the body.
Brow / Third Eye Chakra
Near the base of the skull is the pituitary gland, which releases hormones influencing body chemistry.
The spiritual energies of the Brow Chakra are reflected in the pituitary’s influence on the whole body.
This Chakra works with the pituitary gland in the body.
Crown Chakra
The pineal gland lies deep within the brain and produces melatonin.
This hormone affects the other glands in the endocrine system and mirrors the Crown Chakra’s relationship with the other Chakra’s.
This gland and Chakra hold sway over the entire system.
By understanding the association between the Chakras and the glands you can see how Healing can benefit a multitude of illnesses affecting your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
The image on the left is showing how the chakras are like the petals of flowers that open and close.
Your consciousness, your experience of being, represents everything it is possible for you to experience. All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, can be divided into seven categories and each of these categories can be associated with a particular Chakra.
Thus, the Chakras represent not only particular parts of your physical body but also particular parts of your consciousness. When you feel a tension in your consciousness, you feel it in the Chakra associated with the part of your consciousness experiencing the stress and in the parts of the physical body associated with that Chakra.
When there is tension in a particular part of your consciousness and therefore in the Chakra associated with that part of your consciousness, the tension is detected by the nerves of the plexus associated with that Chakra and communicated to the parts of the body controlled by that Plexus.
When the tension continues over a period of time or reaches a particular degree of intensity, the person creates a symptom on the physical level. Again, the symptom serves to communicate to the person through their body what they have been doing to themselves in their consciousness.
When the person changes something about their way of being, they are able to release the stress that had been creating the symptom and they are then able to return to their natural state of balance and good health.
Everything begins with your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life and everything that happens in your body begins with something happening in your consciousness.
Your consciousness, your experience of being, who you really are, is energy. We can call it “life energy” for now. This energy does not just live in your brain, it fills your entire body. Your consciousness is connected to every cell in your body.
Through your consciousness, you can communicate with every cell in your body. Through your consciousness, you can communicate with every organ and every tissue.  A number of therapies are based on this communication with the organs which have been affected by some kind of symptom or disorder.
This energy which is your consciousness and which reflects your state of consciousness can be measured through the process known as Kirlian Photography.
(see additional help page).
When you take a Kirlian Photograph of your hand, it shows a certain pattern of energy. If you take a second photograph while imagining that you are sending Love and energy to someone you know, there will be a different pattern of energy shown on the Kirlian Photograph.
Thus, we can see that a change in your consciousness creates a change in the energy field that is being photographed, which we call the Aura.
This energy field shown in the Kirlian Photographs has been quantified so that when there are “holes” in particular parts of the energy field, these are said to correspond to particular weaknesses in specific parts of the physical body.
The interesting thing about this is that the weakness shows up in the energy field before there is ever any evidence of it on the physical level.
Thus, we have an interesting direction of manifestation shown through what we have described:
a. A change of consciousness creates a change in the energy field.
b. A change in the energy field happens before a change in the physical body.
The direction of manifestation is from the consciousness, through the energy field to the physical body.
When we look at things this way, we see that it is not the physical body creating the energy field, the Aura, but rather the Aura or energy field that is creating the physical body. What we see as the physical body is the end result of a process that begins with the consciousness.
Energy healing can realign, unblock and balance your Chakras. This provides Healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level which ultimately leads to better health, a better state of well-being.